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Testimonial 1

“Since the wastewater treatment was installed, the stench from comfort rooms vanished.”

Testimonial 2

“Through the Ecoglobal Foundation, we were able to transform our university into an odor-free institution.”

Testimonial 3

“Because of this wastewater management, the foul odor vanished from our school.”

Testimonial 4

“By establishing wastewater management is a way in which we can resolve problems when it comes to treating and recycling wastewater, it is also a way to help our environment through water conservation and sanitation.”

Testimonial 5

“The government should pursue this kind of treatment facility because it’s very environmental-friendly.”

His Excellency Nicolas Galey, French Ambassador to the Philippines, at the inauguration of Urdaneta City University’s ecological wastewater treatment project.

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Ecoglobal Foundation

The Ecoglobal Foundation was founded to implement the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Ecoglobal Group, managing wastewater treatment projects in Africa and Asia.

We are committed to developing sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that impact communities.
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