Who we are

We care for the environment by nurturing communities with clean, renewable, and sustainable energy solutions.

What we do

We promote environmentally friendly and innovative solutions for businesses and individuals. We maintain open lines of communication among their stakeholders, employees, partners, suppliers, customers, and surrounding communities to assure that they uphold their social responsibility.

Meet Our Partners

Taylor-DeJongh (TDJ)

Energy Equity Fund

TDJ is an independent investment bank providing strategic, project finance and corporate advisory services for oil & gas, power, industrial and Infrastructure clients globally. It is respected for its expertise in project finance advisory and is consistently ranked among the top global financial institutions for energy finance advisory.


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Quadran is a French company implanted worldwide, 75% privately owned and 25% state-owned. Quadran is one of the top 3 largest energy producers in France, with 100% renewable energy.

Shanghai SUS Environment

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Shanghai SUS Environnement has a huge experience in designing, constructing, and operating customized waste-to-energy (WTE) plants worldwide. Shanghai SUS Environment is manufacturing WTE spare parts for the global market.


Specialist in Ecological Water Treatment

BlueSET is using ecosystem design for ecological management and treatment of water, soil, and air pollution. BlueSeT has developed, built and operated more than 500 phytoremediation wastewater treatment facilities in Europe, South America, Indian Ocean, Africa, and South-East Asia.


Engineering, Procurement. and Construction

Mascara developed Osmosun®—the first system that offers the possibility to desalinate seawater via reverse osmosis only with solar photovoltaic energy.

Ecoglobal Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility of the Ecoglobal Group

Founded to implement the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Ecoglobal Group, the Ecoglobal Foundation manages wastewater treatment projects in Africa and Asia.

Syndicat Interdépartemental pour l’Assainissement de l’Agglomération Parisienne (SIAAP)

Wastewater Treatment

The largest wastewater treatment company in the world. Involved in wastewater treatment program worldwide in partnership with UNESCO, UN, and EU.

Ecoglobal Foundation

The Ecoglobal Foundation was founded to implement the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Ecoglobal Group, managing wastewater treatment projects in Africa and Asia.

We are committed to developing sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that impact communities.
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