Battery Recycling

Our recycling facilities collect hazardous used lead-acid batteries for proper disposal and recycling. We are the only used lead-acid battery recycling facility accredited by the International Lead Association (ILA).

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Biomass and Biogas

We develop biomass and biogas plant projects that limit carbon emissions through a patented process guaranteed to minimize carbon footprint.

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Hydro Power

Water comprises about 70% of our planet. That’s why we develop hydropower plants to harness this vast resource for eco-friendly, renewable energy.

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Solar Energy

We develop solar farm projects that turn the power of the sun into a sustainable energy source.

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We develop solutions that turn municipal solid waste into energy using patented technology.

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Wastewater Treatment

We develop sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for sewage and septage for water reuse.

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Water Treatment

We develop phytoremediation water treatment and solar desalination systems to supply large volumes of drinkable water to communities.

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Wind Power

Our wind farm projects utilize the natural flow of the planet’s air and convert it to clean source of almost unlimited energy.

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Ecoglobal Foundation

The Ecoglobal Foundation was founded to implement the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Ecoglobal Group, managing wastewater treatment projects in Africa and Asia.

We are committed to developing sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that impact communities.
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