Battery Recycling

Ecoglobal Inc. collects, transports and recycles hazardous waste Lead-Acid Batteries (ULABs) in its recycling facility in the Philippines. The facility, which the company owns and operates, prides itself in being the only battery recycling facility in the country that is dedicated to promoting responsible treatment and disposal of used batteries.

Companies that work with Ecoglobal Inc. in this specific division are provided with the proper containers to store their ULABs. Once these containers are full, Ecoglobal Inc. secures all the proper permits and collects and transports these containers to its recycling facility where the ULABs are then treated. The companies have promptly issued the certificate of treatment once the process has been completed.

The recycled lead collected from the ULABs is sold and exported to developed countries.

Ecoglobal Inc. also works hand-in-hand with Ecoglobal Foundation to collect, transport and recycle ULABs that have been donated to the foundation.

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