Wastewater Treatment

Some plants have the ability to absorb waste and toxins. Using these plants as a natural filtration system, the Plant Eco-Wastewater Treatment technology can be implemented to treat several types of wastewater including domestic, industrial, leachates and stormwater. There is a special interaction between the plant, soil, and climate that, when set up correctly, allows for this to happen.

Wastewater is first channeled to a pre-treatment tank where coarse particles are removed. It then goes to a storage tank where it is then pumped evenly over the whole area of the site where the roots of the plants will begin to break down and absorb the toxins in the water. As the plants grow, they absorbs all the water and breaks down all the pollutants as well, making it a great way to naturally treat wastewater. Once fully grown, the plants can then be harvested and sold adding to the surrounding communities livelihood.

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